TERRE H2020-ITN Schools and Workshops

With its focus on training, TERRE will organise four Annual Schools during the duration of the project. Network-level Schools and Workshops will also be held throughout the project. These will be open to researchers inside and external to the TERRE network, giving a valuable opportunity for TERRE partner researchers and ESRs to share their work and findings within the project. Information on the TERRE Schools and Workshops can be found below.

The Final TERRE School took place at the University of Strathclyde on the 24th June 2019. ‘Low-carbon Geotechnical Engineering: the Industry perspective’ brought speakers from industry and academia to discuss the Low Carbon agenda, including Reihaneh Hafizi from Cowi UK Ltd and Steven Vallance from Sweco UK Limited. See the full TERRE – Final School Programme for more details.

On the 25th June the TERRE ESRs had their final Workshop ‘Exploring low-carbon technologies in Geotechnical Engineering’, presenting their research to an audience  drawn from inside and outside the Network. The TERRE – Final Workshop Programme lists the ESRs’ final presentations. The School and Workshop were held in the same week as the Strathclyde-hosted IS-Glasgow 2019 Symposium. Delegates to the Symposium were invited to take advantage of the TERRE events, and we welcomed a good number along to hear about the project and network with the ESRs and academics. ESR presentations from the Workshop can be viewed on the TERRE YouTube Channel.

TERRE Workshop Presentation
TERRE Workshop Presentation


A TERRE ‘Mini-School’ was hosted by TERRE partner CIMNE, at UPC in Barcelona in January 2019. The topic was ‘Geotechnics with Empahasis on Applications’ and offered researchers from inside and outside the network lectures from prestigious Professors including E.E. Alonso, J. Vaunat and A. Di Mariano.

TERRE delegates at the 'Mini-School'
TERRE delegates at the ‘Mini-School’

In September 2018 Durham University hosted an additional TERRE School, designed in two parts. The first ‘A Wider View of Sustainability’, provided Early Stage Researchers in the Network and outside, the opportunity to see where their research fits into a wider picture of sustainable engineering and technology, with presentations from academia and industry. As most of the ESRs were reaching the end of their planned periods of study, the second part ‘Beyond a TERRE PhD’, aimed to offer guidance on “the next step”, whether this was to stay in academia, to go into industry or to consider entrepreneurial activities.
TERRE School Presentation
TERRE School Presentation

The fourth International TERRE School BioGeo 2018, was held in the Netherlands, hosted by the Delft University of Technology and organised by the Section of Bio Based Structures and Materials. Taking place on the 19th and 20th of April 2018, the School brought together researchers from inside and out of the TERRE network. The full School Programme details the lectures and topics covered.

Lecture from Dr El MountassirMeasuring timber properties






TERRE’s third International School, ‘Recent Trends in the Ecocontruction of Buildings’ took place at UPPA on the 28th and 29th of September 2017. The School Programme contains more information on the content of the School, including a list of lectures and speakers.

Delegates on campus, UPPA, Anglet. Photo courtesy of UPPA.
Lab Tour
Lab tour, UPPA. Photo courtesy UPPA.
Lecture Theatre
Keynote lecture, Prof Domenico Gallipoli, UPPA.






The second TERRE School ‘Unsaturated Soil Mechanics’ was held at EPFL on the 4th-7th April2017. Full information, including the programme and a list of the lectures, can be found on the TERREUNSAT EPFL website.

TERRE School Delegates. Photo courtesy EPFL.
TERRE School Delegates. Photo courtesy EPFL.
Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory. Photo courtesy EPFL.
Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory. Photo courtesy EPFL.
Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory. Photo courtesy EPFL.
Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory. Photo courtesy EPFL.







The first TERRE School and Workshop Fundamentals for an interdisciplinary approach to design and climate-adaptation of geo-infrastructure’ was held in Naples, hosted by the University of Naples Federico II on the 26th-27th September 2016. Click on the link for the full programme of the event. If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the project, the presentations from the day can be found below. For more information contact us.

First TERRE School presentations:

Prof Alessandro Tarantino – Project Overview

Prof Alessandro Tarantino – Fundamentals of soil water -atmosphere interaction

Prof David Toll – Fundamentals of Hydraulic Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils

Prof Giacomo Russo – Physical properties and hydro-mechanical behaviour of lime treated soils

Prof Jan-Willem van der Kuilen – Timber Soil Hydromechanical Interactions

Prof Simon Wheeler – Basic aspects of mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils

Dr Angel Priegue – Decision Support Systems to assist engineering design

Dr Dimitri Deneele – Physico-chemical insight about the lime treatment of soils

Dr Wolfgang Gard – Biological Durability of Timber

Maxime Pousse – Introduction to LCA

Maxime Pousse – LCA applied to geotechnical solutions

Alexia Stokes and Thierry Fourcaud – Root-Soil Mechanical Interactions